About the beginnings


Even in my early childhood I was fond of maps and natural formations. I wanted to be a paleontologist. With some attractive professional diversions, I finally became a graphic artist at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. The story of Artphabet began with my thesis, when I produced a special series of placards to show my fellow graphic designers how unique a material is paper and how effective it can be, if not only used as a carrying material or surface on which to draw or print. Its inherent potentials deserve to be discovered.
I have set myself some ambitious goals: to design paper placards that convey messages without using ink, and to be influential. On the placards the emerging message from nature-inspired forms appears like a treasure? from an excavation. I fell in love with these forms. The spatiality in those images and the millions of different shadows made such an effect on the people that I felt it was not just about paper. The forms that were created were captivating and had a kind of hypnotic effect on all those who silently observed how the works seemed to be able to change almost every day and in every location.
Owing to the fact that each picture involves just one letter that seems to have been revealed to us by the elements of nature, the experience can be fully personalised, and 
 people can recognise themselves in the images. That is how Artphabet was born: to let you bring the experience home from the showroom and take a deep breath in your home, at your workplace or wherever you like to feel relaxed or inspired. Some people keep it as a memory of the exhibition, others have it for decoration, but it will always enhance everyone’s life with special colours and forms.


About the pictures


The pictures can be produced in four different designs and any of them can be ordered with the 26 letters of the English alphabet, ten digits or four different symbols. A total of 160 different variations exist. Each customer order is a bespoke product.
There are two sizes of framed images: small (250 x 250 mm) and large (500 x 500 mm). Each image is handmade from 12 coats of premium paper by laser cutting and with the innovative technique I developed. The individual sheets are separated by 2 mm to achieve a unique spatial effect. Framing and image protection are designed to ensure safe delivery and easy placement.
There is a special series of 700 x 1000 mm images which I can create on request and on specific terms. Not only the size of these pictures is unique, but also the way to hang them. Thanks to these unique ways, from almost any point in the room all 16 layers of the picture appear to float in front of the wall. With its almost sculptural effect, it really is a special ornament for an apartment or office.
“I have spotted that these images are alive: at every moment, at certain times of the day and in different weather conditions they never look the same because of the ever-changing light-shadow effect. So, I have never seen them exactly as I saw them when they arrived and when I first put them on the wall”.
Once you have chosen your preferred design and size, you can select which character you would like to see in your picture from the drop-down menu on the order page.
The picture must have only one type of character. Naturally, you can order any form with no specific character.

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